Ride:Well Tour Rolls Into Charm City! *update*

** Update at bottom. **

Blood:Water Baltimore is helping to set up a Welcome Event for the Ride:Well Tour!! On Friday August 7th the Ride:Well Tour will be landing in Baltimore on their way across the United States!!! On June 11th the ride kicked off in Santa Monica, CA and on August 8th the ride will conclude at Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware!

We Gonna Party:  Friday August 7th at the Hunt Valley Church you are invited to come out to cheer on the arrival of national and local cyclists, enjoy some music, food, and generally have some fun. Bring the family, stop in with your friends. The more the merrier! More details as the event gets closer. Stay tuned…

Want To Help A Biker?:  We need about 14 homes willing to provide some good old fashioned hospitality to the bikers. They will need lodging, food, and possibly some local transportation from Friday August 7th through Sunday August 9th.

Oh, and we’re talking biker:   ridewell 

NOT biker:   biker tat

Just sayin’.

Interested? Want or need more information? Let me know.

Build a well. Save a life.

** UPDATE 7.5.09 **

1) The actual number of riders in need of lodging is 19!! To those of you already extending some Baltimore love, THANK YOU! If you’re still considering it…there are definitely riders who would appreciate some good old fashioned hospitality!! Please contact me to get connected…

2) We are also looking for some event partners to assist in the Welcome Party at Hunt Valley Church mentioned above. Is your church, organization, company,co-workers, small group, neighborhood friends…you personally…your family…hey, I don’t care if it’s your chess club… are you interested in being some helping hands and feet? Like to cook and think you may be able to provide some food? Have some dead presidents to help with financial sponsorship? If you have any interest in helping with this event in any way, please contact me.

More to follow as the event approaches.

Build a well. Save a life.



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2 responses to “Ride:Well Tour Rolls Into Charm City! *update*

  1. miki federline

    Greg Garvin posted this link on his facebook page. Don’t know anything about Ride Well tour, but I have a house in Towson, Md and a Highlander with a bike hitch on the back and would gladly host a biker (or two) . Hospitality and food and transportation would be no problem. Let us know if we can help. Sounds like fun! Love to have more information.
    John and Miki Federline

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