The Milton Report

miltonIf you’ve seen “Office Space” then you are familiar with Milton. His unnatural affection for his prized stapler is the inspiration for a new type of post here at Connectivity. The Milton Report will come out periodically and is specifically designed to communicate useful product and industry information. If you are a current Staples Advantage customer, these posts are designed as a service to you! Not familiar with Staples Advantage? Not yet a customer? I’d appreciate the opportunity to meet you and learn more about your business and company.

HP PurchasEdge: Staples Advantage customers who purchase HP products of any kind are able to register for the PurchasEdge program with HP. As you purchase HP products via your partnership with Staples Advantage you not only benefit from fantastic pricing, but you also earn free products directly from HP.  Curious? More info: HP PurchasEdge PDF

“Adopt a Pack” Facebook Application: Staples recently launched the “Adopt a Pack” Facebook application, which gives users the chance to tag friends, virtually “fill” a backpack with school supplies, visit a Staples store to buy the supplies, and have them donated to local disadvantaged youth. The program is part of Staples’ DoSomething 101 campaign, and the target audience is socially active high school students and teens who are looking to make a positive impact on their communities.

Customer Appreciation: Does your company already partner with Staples Advantage? From June 28 through July 4 you can take personal advantage of our professional relationship. Take this flier in to your local Staples location for a 10% discount:  Customer Appreciation Postcard – June 28, 2009 to July 4th, 2009


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