This past weekend I was driving from upstate NY back to Baltimore on I-81. At multiple points traffic was taken from two lanes down to one. On the Sunday following July 4th this did not make for a quick trip. At one point I looked up and saw a hot air balloon approaching. With nothing else to do I took this picture on my phone: balloon

I kept going back to this picture and couldn’t figure out why. Then it hit me: perspective. Mine. That of the riders.

Remember the Robin Williams movie Dead Poet’s Society? He had his students stand on their desks to what? To gain a different perspective. “Oh captain, my captain!” C’mon…you know you loved it!

A slightly more recent film to make the point: Vantage Point. The same event is viewed through multiple points of view. It looks different from each angle. Different details are seen with each…dare I say it…perspective.

My wife and boys are visiting relatives this week. I’m taking the opportunity to view my home life through a new perspective. I am realizing things I can do to have a more positive impact in my home as a husband, father, and leader.

In my work with Staples Advantage I get to meet with companies and hopefully help them see their supply line and organizational structure and process through a new perspective. Hopefully they see the value in this perspective and agree to create a partnership…to make a connection. But when I think about it, it’s that opportunity to provide a new perspective that is energizing to me.

Greg Rittler from Kanon Clarity gives me new perspectives all the time. His organization exists, in part, to help companies and leaders gain new perspectives for their overall business. That is an energizing concept to me!

Brody Bond at Wordswell helps companies communicate their message, again in part, by providing them with fresh perspectives on how to get their message out in the right way to the right people. Again with the energizing concepts!!

Here’s the challenge: experiment a little bit with different, fresh, new, perspectives. Talk to people. Friends, family, co-workers…spend some time evaluating. Stand on a desk if you need to. Hang upside down on a jungle gym for all I care. Just stir the pot a little bit. Flip the script.

Interested in a new prespective regarding your supply line? Let me know.

Interested in a new perspective regarding your entire organization or how to get your message across? You can reach Greg and Brody through the links on the right.

Could a new perspective benefit your home life? Why not sit down and talk about it? Bounce it around within your family. See what happens. I have a feeling that a new perspective just might give you some energy too…



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2 responses to “Perspective

  1. Krister – Thanks for challenging me in my perspective renewed. It’s a great reminder to keep pushing myself to see things from many perspectives. It always changes things when you do so.

    I was in Nashville this week working with a client who is helping to address the aids and water crises in Africa. Talk about a change of perspective! It was great for me to see and I came back with a fresh sense of what I am doing in the world.

    Thanks for the encouragement!


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