The Riders Are Coming! The Riders Are Coming!



The Ride:Well Tour rode 85 miles today stopping for the night in Waverly, TN. Don’t believe me? Follow the action via Twitter. As you may have heard the riders are pushing towards Baltimore and are on pace to arrive on Friday, August 7th! (For more details check out the post from July 16th.)

Here’s the skinny: We need stuff.

  • Housing and hospitality for riders.
  • Churches and organizations to “sponsor” the event. All you need to do is be willing to display some posters and talk up the event. I’ll even deliver and hang the posters! I may even be getting access to some digital posters so you can display event information on your auditorium screens, website, etc.
  • Participants for the Welcome Party! Listen…there’s gonna be live music, some food, the Executive Director for Blood:Water Mission will be in the house, interviews with some of the riders…and THE RIDERS!!! These people will have biked across the motherland to help build wells in Africa! Grab your lawn chairs or blankets, raid your fridge and bring some food to add to the table, grab your friends and family…basically anything and anyone not nailed down…and come on out!


Interested in connecting with this event or group in any way? Let me know.

Ride a bike. Build a well. Save a life.


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