“…when the stars fall from the sky…”

sawanI was spending some time the other night keeping up with friends via Facebook when I noticed this status posted by a very dear friend:

“I’ll see you again when the stars fall from the sky and the moon has turned red over one tree hill.” The world was a better place – and so many lives richer, my life richer – because of you. Till we meet again on a most majestic river, Goodbye, Sawan.

Several things hit me at one time. “I know those lyrics. This is not good. Something terrible has happened.” The words: was – because of you – meet again – goodbye…they all leapt off the page.

The powerful lyrics come from the song “One Tree Hill” by U2. Bono wrote the song after a close friend and assistant of his died in an accident while transporting the singers motorcycle. In the midst of a normal day, a life ended and so many were changed.

I messaged my friend and found out that Sawan Nail passed away while taking a nap, resting after not feeling well and running a low grade fever for a few days. I never met Sawan. I met some of his extended family at a party a number of years ago, that’s it. But I know my friend well. I know that my friend does not use words like that lightly.

When I began writing Connectivity my intent was to find ways to connect people with other people…and to connect people with opportunities. This is an chance to do both. Sawan’s family is in need of support: emotional and financial. To read more about the life of this amazing person and to offer any kind of support you can, please visit: Sawan Nail

This could be any one of us. Anyone we care about. Let’s live out loud. Let’s connect in some way now so that we can rejoice “when the stars fall from the sky.”


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