18 Days


We’re under the 3 week mark! With 18 days left we’re actually very quickly nearing the 2 week mark!! I missed training for the last 2 weeks so in addition to running again in preparation I’ve been scouring the internet looking for additional thoughts and tips on how to quickly get back on track. This brief article by Active.com gave some good advice: 5 Pre-Race Nutrition Mistakes To Avoid.

Two things that jumped out at me:

  1. Don’t skip breakfast. (Sooo…what if coffee IS your breakfast? Just sayin.)
  2. Don’t eat one mass quantity of pasta the night before. Rather, eat moderate quantities of pasta for several days prior to the event. (Bad news = no pasta infused stuffing of my face the night before. Good news = eating pasta for several days in a row is recommended.)

As I’ve mentioned  before this is my first half marathon. Feel free to share any tips or lessons you’ve learned. The next couple weeks are crucial to success.

More information on The Baltimore Running Festival 2009 by clicking: BRF2009



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