2009 Under Armour Baltimore Running Festival Goes Interactive!


On October 10th I’ll be joining over 20,000 runners to take part in various events at the 2009 Under Armour Baltimore Running Festival. I’m running in my first half marathon, but the weekend holds a variety of events including a Health & Fitness Expo, full marathon, team relay, and 5k.

I just got an email update with some very exciting information! This year the event goes fully live and interactive! Here is the information exactly as it arrived in my inbox:

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Festival to be Showcased via New Social Media Platform

The 2009 Under Armour Baltimore Running Festival will be presented online through a new social media platform called R2iSMASH.  R2iSMASH will feature live streamed video from WBAL-TV R2i_final_horizontal_no_dots race day coverage, Tweets, texts, Flickr & cell phone photos, and blog feeds-all collected simultaneously into one presentation window.  

Fans, friends, and family of runners competing in the festival can now watch the scene unfold from almost anywhere in the world.  Features of the R2iSMASH site will include WBAL’s live feed from 8am to 11am,  race updates from the marathon pace car, public messages posted by runners and fans throughout the course and finish line village and a results button so you can see which point on the course a runner has passed.

The site located here: http://baltrunfest.r2ismash.com

We encourage you and your cheering section to be part of the R2iSMASH site on race day.  Here are some simple instructions on how to get your messages & photos posted on the site:

  • Send text message or emails to baltrunfest@r2ismash.com (for emails, include no subject line or signature)
  • Include #baltrunfest in your Tweets twitter
  • If you are blogging about your race experience, e-mail the link to dave@corrigansportsto have it featured on the R2iSMASH site.
  • Send photos from your mobile device to baltrunfest@r2ismash.com
  • Tag photos in Flickr with the tag “baltrunfest”  

For more information about R2integrated, visit www.r2integrated.com. Information about the 2009 Under Armour Baltimore Running Festival: www.thebaltimoremarathon.com

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


If you’re participating in any of the events, I encourage you to engage and participate as you are comfortable. If you have family or friends participating, I encourage you to stay tuned to the website as a way of sharing in the experience and cheering them on. I’ve already got the text address programmed in, registered Connectivity posts, and readied the hash tag for Tweets. Yes, my inner nerd is in full effect. But think about how technology like this…websites like the one they have set up… can change the face of events, businesses, concerts…anything large groups of people take part in. All of a sudden the audience just got bigger. Much, much bigger.


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