Final Training Thoughts | Pre Game Show


The countdown is on! A few short days from now I will be running in my first half marathon as part of The Under Armour Baltimore Running Festival 2009! Training began back in July/August. Averaging 3 runs per week with a progressively longer run each weekend…and it’s almost here. Have a learned anything? Duh. Among other things…

  • My amazement with the human body continues to grow.
  • I’ve heard it said that the hardest part about being in an event like this is not necessarily the event…it’s the training. I’ll know for sure if I agree with that sometime Saturday after I cross the finish line…but at this point I can certainly understand the statement!
  • Running longer distances without music pumping through the headphones is a completely different experience. Sometimes better, sometimes worse, always different.
  • Run long enough and some hilarious things happen: randomly charging deer, flying cigarette butts hitting you between the eyes, neighborhood attack rabbits…you get the idea.
  • Running constantly creates certain…urges…as described in this brief (and nerdtastic) video clip:

Don’t forget to follow the event on the official social media page: BaltRunFest


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