Closing Comments On The Half


I did it. I ran my first half marathon. It took me 2 hours, 49 minutes, and 20 seconds. Due to some issues which necessitated missing almost 2 full weeks of training, my goal going in was simple: finish the race. I just wanted to cross the finish line under my own power. While I did a little walking on the back half, I did muster enough to run the last chunk so that I crossed the finish line with my head up, running. It was a fantastic experience and day. Okay, enough. Some random thoughts and observations:

  • One of my favorite t-shirts: “Running is mental. We are all insane.”
  • Best shout out to the passing runners from a front porch while wearing a mu-mu: “Go on, baby! You Team America right there! You got this! All y’all coming to my house for dinner. Umm-hmmm. Dinner’s on me tonight, baby. Y’all gonna need you some food. Ain’t dat right? You know it’s right. HEY! YOU KEEP RUNNING, YOU! Go on, Baby. I ain’t mad…” (I think she was still going but she fell out of range..)
  • Totally inspiring moment to remember: Early in the race the crowd behind me went absolutely crazy. Then I saw why: A runner was passing the pack…with artificial legs! Totally inspiring to see and so exciting to hear the crowd go ballistic!
  • Baltimore has some big honkin’ rats.  It seems these rats don’t cross the street safely at times. Roadkill of the heinous variety.
  • Nobody paid attention to the “no iPod” rule. Except me. I felt like a geek. Plus, have you ever spent close to 3 hours in your own head? Let me rephrase: Have you ever spent close to 3 hours in MY head?
  • You know those little energy goo pack things? YUM.
  • Shout out and thanks to the “Got Junk” guys and that dude in a full body tiger suit standing on top of his car. Both had various parts of the “Rocky” soundtrack blasting. Awesome.
  • So between miles 6 and 7 on the back side of some Bawlmer lake, hon…the middle set of port-a-potty’s…unused and spotlessly clean. Well, until I got there. (Just in case you’re there next year and need a little stop.)
  • Additionally, when several folks randomly veer off course and stand there staring at trees or walls…it’s not random. And they aren’t staring.
  • Handing out Utz potato chips to runners? Genius.
  • Irony: Passing one of several live bands totally rockin’. Lyrics as I pass: “I’m not sick, but I’m not well…”
  • Another favorite t-shirt read: “What have I gotten myself in to?”
  • Chaffing is real. Very, very real. Upstairs and downstairs. Just sayin’.
  • Where else do they consider crab soup a refreshment?



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