No Really, It’s EASY!

header_01Did you know that a business partnership with Staples Advantage also brings with it the power and convenience of access to our retail locations?

When you are partnered with Staples Advantage you not only receive a pricing structure customized to your specific company’s needs, world-class customer service, and proactive account management – you are also able to receive your program price at our retail locations by signing up for a Convenience Card or Procurement Card once your account is active with us.

For an overview, download this PDF: Staples Retail Program Overview

Are you a current Staples Advantage customer and aren’t sure you’re maximizing this free benefit to you? Are you interested in more information regarding the benefits of a partnership with Staples Advantage and the value our relationship can add to your business? I look forward to meeting you and having a simple conversation to see how I may be of service to your organization.

Krister Dunn |

Business Development | Staples Advantage


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