A Little Bird Told Me

twitterI started using Twitter approximately six months ago. I simply wanted to have a place to talk up my professional and volunteer endeavors, while being able to engage in similar conversations with others. A few weeks ago I started using HootSuite to preload Tweets related to my business development work with Staples Advantage. 2 or 3 times a day, without me needing to remember it, a Tweet will hit my stream directly related to my profession. Have you ever done something because you thought it was a good idea?

Over the weekend I received this reply:  “@KristerDunn How about I give you tons of rad office supplies. If you mention @Unitedimagingco instead! better prices/service than $taples.”

In all honesty I have no way of knowing if United Imaging realized I am in business development for Staples. In any event, I felt a response in order:  “Thanks for the offer, @UnitedImagingCo, but as business development FOR #Staples, the pro #Staples Tweets shall roll on…”

So what? Let’s circle back to the original question:  Have you ever done something because you thought it was a good idea? In my professional opinion, when a competitor notices what you are doing, that proves your good idea was in fact… good.

wordswell logoAre you leveraging the internet for the things that are important to you? It’s not just about research and information gathering anymore. Social media of all kinds (Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, various blogs and blogging services, YouTube, etc…) can be a great place to start. Is your company leveraging the internet to engage current customers and gain future customers by spreading the right information at the right times to the right people? If not, or if you aren’t sure, let me know. I’d be glad to set up a conversation for you with the team at wordswell. If you think that was a plug…

s0105150_sc7Interested in decreasing supply line expenses and increasing efficiency? I’d appreciate the opportunity to meet with you as well. Staples Advantage and I may be able to help you do exactly that.

Beyond all this…express yourself… After all, If you don’t tell your story, who will?


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