Are You Ready?

When I was in grade school I played on a community soccer team. (Go South Bowie Boys And Girls Club!) I still remember the year we had two very talented guys both working to earn the position of keeper. An intense team scrimmage ended in basically a rapid fire shoot out. Our coach and assistant coach (who went by the name “Slick”…no really…you can’t make this stuff up)…anyway, the coach and assistant lined up every soccer ball the team had. Then they fired. No warning. No hesitation. No pattern. When the dust settled they counted how many made it past the potential keeper. They lined the balls up again and prepared for the next onslaught. As the next keeper took position Slick yelled to him, “are you ready?!” As my team mate smiled and yelled back, “I was born ready!” the soccer balls seemed to block out the sun and rain from the heavens…and most of them went directly into the goal. The starting keeper was decided that day and we had a running joke for the season… “I was born ready!”


I told you that story to tell you this one: my time with Staples Advantage is drawing to a close. Over the next few weeks you will see plenty of changes here at Connectivity. If you stopped in from time to time because you are a customer of mine from my time with Staples Advantage, thank you! Thanks for your business and I hope you’ll continue to stop in. I won’t be carrying any Staples related content anymore, but this has always been about a little more than that.

If you’re connecting for any other reasons I hope you too will continue to stop in. Content may shift a bit and thoughts may wander, but my mission continues to remain unchanged: The mostly professional ramblings of a guy energized by building relationships and building business.

So why the soccer story? Saying you’re ready for something and actually being ready for something are often two completely different things. I don’t know how ready I am for this transition. But ready or not, the soccer balls are darkening the sun…I can either be ready…or be the keeper.

What is life kicking at you today? This week? This month? This year? Think about it all: business, personal and everything in between.

Excuse me. I need to go be the keeper and defend my goal. Care to join me? After all…no matter who gets to be keeper for the season opener…we’re all still on the same team.


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