Efficient Email

email iconI used to loathe Monday mornings. In addition to the fact that the weekend was over I knew that I was about to enter an email nightmare that I simply may never recover from! Between my work email account and my personal email account I knew I was going to be staring down a ton of emails…that all needed to be sorted through! I finally did something about it. (HUGE kudos to the crew over at Wordswell for their technical help and strategic advice!) Here are some of the things that made the biggest impact for me:

  1. Combine email accounts – Set one account to automatically forward to the other email account. Now you have one…ONE place to pull up your email!!
  2. Unsubscribe – All those “coupons” from retailers…unsubscribe, delete, and move on. Seriously, do you really access email to print up discounts and coupons? No. Connect with them on Facebook or Twitter if you must, but keep them out of your inbox!
  3. Use filters – Control whose emails hit your inbox, whose stay marked as unread but get dropped into a folder automatically, etc. There are tons of controls available so take advantage of them.
  4. new-rss-xml-feed-icon1The need for feed. – Services like FeedMyInbox will let you subscribe to any feed you want and drop new content in your email. Set up filters and folders to automatically keep things in place. Subscribe to lots of feeds? Consider a reader like Google Reader. This will keep all your subscriptions in one place and out of your inbox.
  5. Simplify folders – I used to create folders for everything. Folders with sub folders below sub folders. I found that I was rarely having to access anything but I was spending tons of time correctly sorting messages. Broad folder categories make filing much faster and search features help to ensure you won’t lose what you need.

** Be sure to adhere to all of your company’s internet and email policies. **

wordswell logoCould your company or executive leadership team benefit from technology and efficiency training? Interested in how to use technology to grow and expand your business? A conversation with Wordswell could be tremendously beneficial!

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