Social Media | What works for you?

In January of this year I read an article on The Gray Matter Minute titled: The Perfect Social Media Trifecta: Have you found yours?

The writer discussed the way he utilizes the features and benefits of the following social media sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. One aspect of social media that I find so energizing is that it can be fluid. You can change things at any time for any reason. Right now my trifecta is Twitter, LinkedIn, and a WordPress Blog (duh).


I use Twitter as a main source of my news. I follow news organizations and programs that I would normally view on TV. I find that I often catch content before it is even being reported as a big deal on TV. It’s also a fantastic way to spread information and keep in touch with people you have a real world friendship with. Twitter is fast, fun, and incredibly informative. Leveraging its power is a fantastic skill to develop.


The aspect of this that I truly enjoy is that it is 100% professional. There are ways to inject your individual personality, but the professional nature of this site keeps everything in line and in good taste. With a growing variety of applications I am finding this as a more and more valuable asset to me in business and even more so now as I am actively searching out my next career step.  An example of how useful these applications can be: I’ve added the Box.Net application to my profile and posted my resume in three formats for easy download (PDF, Word, and Text). So far it’s been downloaded five times in a matter of days. How do I know? I get an email anytime someone downloads it!

WordPress Blog (Connectivity):

Writing is a hobby for me. I enjoy putting together posts and articles on a variety of topics. The initial and general intent is for me to add professional value with a personal touch to whatever business I am in. When I was with Staples Advantage I found ways to keep customers informed on special programs, upcoming offers, and cost effective product offerings.  I also have over eleven years of professional experience to draw from in order to generate articles on a wide variety of professional and work related topics.

Closing Thoughts:

More recently I saw a lengthy but very interesting video interview with Greg Grunberg on Mashable. Greg is a celebrity who’s past credits include Alias and Felicity. He can currently be seen on Heroes and is behind the development of the iPhone app “Yowza”. One of the main points I pulled from the interview with him is that he simply isn’t afraid of social media. He encourages people to get in and take it for a test drive. Just try it out. You can always change settings, adjust things, whatever – so there is nothing to be afraid of. Greg is a huge Twitter user. If you’re interested in following him: @greggrunberg

In support of the “social” aspect of social media: What do you use and how do you use it?


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