Follow Friday | Format | Idea

I tried something a little different today and received some positive feedback so I’m sharing…

If you’re a Twitter user then you’re already familiar with Follow Friday. If you aren’t a user yet, Follow Friday is a way to share with others the people and organizations you follow that are adding value to you. Maybe someone always makes you laugh. Maybe your favorite non-profit posts a picture of work they are doing and you enjoy it. Whatever. You follow them and you like following them and you want others to know. You’re sharing people you like with other people you like.

A common way to do this is several simple rapid fire Tweets. Something like this: “Follow Friday @person1 @thatkid @funnygirl @ohnohedidn’t @doyougetit” Put “Follow Friday” somewhere on the line and slap in as many Tweeps as you can to fill the 140 characters.

Today I had an idea. I wanted to promote some pals. I know these people and organizations. I care about them and their work on various levels. So today my Follow Friday Tweets looked like this:

Follow Friday | @brodybond @grittler @wordswell | they’re great guys doing great things. and they’re on tv! –

Follow Friday | @FallCampaign @bloodwater @bwbaltimore | Start a campaign. Build a well. Save a life.

Follow Friday | @TuckerPeterson @RonEdmondson @wiseacre | Each different. Each bring it to the Tweet stream with fervor. Follow and see.

Follow Friday | @erikwilliams @LIFE2010 | Two great things… Both life changers.

Follow Friday | @mattwertz | Because he gave me a free copy of his cd.

Follow Friday | @TangoWines @WhineyMike | anybody bringing 13 Argentinian wines to the U.S. deserves a follow!!

See the difference? I added a reason for people to check them out. This can encourage further conversation. Isn’t that kind of the point anyway? Conversation. Me telling you about them. You possibly talking with them or about them or with me regarding what I said about them…it’s all social. Kind of the point when it comes to “social media”, isn’t it?

It gets better. Since lots of platforms have ways to link your updates you could, if you set it up right, share these people across multiple platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. More conversation.

Another beautiful thing? I’m not proposing a new rule. This isn’t about me telling anyone the “right” way. I had an idea. I tried it. A buddy said he like it and told me why. Conversation. Have you tried something recently? Tell us about it…


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