The List of Lists

As I travel through life I’ll occasionally have an interaction with someone and think, “I did not need to know that at all.” These items fall into a growing array of categories. Maybe I’ll turn this into a book one day. Which will hopefully spawn a movie. Or at least a straight to DVD feature film. Or at least hit VHS. Then again, I bet it could make it straight to Lifetime. Don’t worry. I hold all patents and copyrights…especially on the action figures. In no particular order whatsoever…

The List of Lists:

  1. Mental Pictures I Don’t Need
  2. Stuff I Don’t Care About
  3. Stuff I Don’t Want To Know About Your Spouse
  4. Just Sayin’
  5. Stuff I Still Don’t Care About…And Then Some
  6. Things I’ll Do To Get Out Of This Conversation And Away From You
  7. Stuff I Refuse To Discuss With Other Men
  8. No Really, That’s What She Said
  9. Never Tried It. Never Will.
  10. Did I Say That Out Loud?

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