Be A Man. Kirtsy.

This is a great video trailer for the Kirtsy Book. The book highlights some of’s best content and tells the story of how the site became such a hit with women around the globe.

I have had the priviledge of having some very strong, intelligent women in my life. Without diminishing any of them, I want to elevate my wife for a moment. She is the strongest, most intelligent woman I know. She would have to be…she’s married to me. All joking aside, she is. Her wisdom and creativity…as well as her ability to reject my worst and call out my best…have made my world a better place and made me a better man and human being. This topic could be taken down all sorts of trails. I simply want to say this: I found this video and the concepts behind it to be encouraging, thought-provoking, and exciting. Ladies…my dear wife…I kirtsy in gratitude and respect.

Source: Alltop/Holy Kaw


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