Response Ability

Response Ability

I’m learning very clearly that my ability to respond is directly related to my level of personal responsibility. When I refuse to take direct responsiblity then I am not able to respond to anything with integrity. I am unable to truly be kind, loving, and peaceful. I cannot extend grace or respond to situations with clarity, honesty, and sincerity.


When I realize and claim the fact that I am totally responsible for myself and my actions I find that my ability to respond is maximized. My character becomes stronger. There is a supply of kindness, grace, love, joy, peace, and strength to extend.

It’s not about blame. There are no fingers to point. No explanation is necessary at this time. Here we are. This is me. Here is what I said. This is what I did. This is what I did not do. This happened and my response was ______.

Taking responsibility  increases and strengthens response ability.


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