A friend of mine travels to Baltimore periodically for business. On a recent visit I was able to meet up with him and share some great conversation over some coffee. As we discussed life and family he said, “I wish guys could just be more transparent. Sometimes I think women got it right. They share things. They don’t try to go it all alone. Men need to be more transparent so we can help each other.”

Any time general differences between men and women are discussed there is the opportunity for some to head down a rabbit trail, so let me focus this:

He’s right. As a general rule women develop and keep longer lasting, deeper, more honest and sincere friendships. Guys…admit it now…we get all egotistical and feed on our own megalomania until we destroy everything we love and hold dear. Then, as we survey the wasteland we created we try to fix it. That’s what men do, right? Fix it. This repeats and continues until we realize we are all alone standing in the middle of a broken and shattered life that cannot be fixed by human efforts.

Then we start looking for help. Then we become transparent as we seek, beg, plead…Then we see the value in open and honest communication. Then we want to discuss feelings instead of football. Then we shut up long enough to listen.

Am I projecting a bit? It’s possible. Are you transparent with those closest to you?

With the holiday season in full swing there may be additional opportunities to build true relationships with those we care for as we circulate family functions, friends parties, etc. So I’ll ask the question once more…

Are you being transparent?


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