I wonder…

I wonder… The Bible teaches that Jesus was without sin. It does not say he was without personality. As we roll on through this holiday season I can’t help but wonder…

How would Jesus celebrate? Family parties and meals, circulating friends houses, work events, various restaurant outings… Even when the Bible discusses Jesus being present at a party (those water to wine moments) we are not really given insight into his personality. What did his laugh sound like? How jovial and fun-loving was he? Often he is depicted in movies and mini-series as serious, stoic, even a little out of it. But if you read between the lines, Jesus connected with people. He understood, accepted, listened…he even heard the story that wasn’t being told.

I think Jesus would celebrate. I think he would laugh loud and often, connecting with every relative and friend he could at every opportunity. I think he would celebrate with those who were festive and grieve with those who were hurting amidst the tinsel and trimmings. I think he would connect.

Can you imagine being at a Christmas party…and seeing Jesus walk in?


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