Ben Franklin Can Bite Me.

Ben Franklin Can Bite Me

Not Uncle Benny. Not the fine gentlemen pictured on the one hundred dollar bill. That guy’s one cool cat. I’m talking about Ben Franklin the sales technique. You know, the good old pro vs con list…the “should I or shouldn’t I”…the good vs bad…

This time of any year is classic for top ten lists, photo galleries, etc. Add to the turning of this year the turning of a decade and it’s guaranteed to provide a pop culture explosion of “remember when…”

As I considered my own lists of moments that marked the last year and decade I found myself straying one of two directions. Whether I was considering my personal life or my career I kept straying to lists of difficulties or blessings. The happy or the sad. The moments I was proud of or the moments I would rather erase.

I told you all that to tell you this –

Last night while walking the dog I made the mental connection – I was pulling a Ben Franklin on myself. It was at that moment, while walking the dog, bundled against the cold and carrying a steaming bag of dog poop that I had my epiphany: Ben Franklin can bite me.

There are times that I go too far into my head and don’t fully live. For this New Year…for the next few days…I just want to BE. I want to engage, connect, interact…live and in person…fully present. I’ll ponder later. I’ll reflect shortly. For now I want to focus on family and friends, good food and great fun…

However you celebrate, whenever you choose to reflect, I challenge us all to be thankful for everything. That said,

No comparisons for now. Not tonight. Ben Franklin can bite me.

Happy New Year!



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2 responses to “Ben Franklin Can Bite Me.

  1. Another take-away you bring up is that we can try to ponder, reflect, etc. WITHOUT having to use comparison as part of that process.

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