Stuff I Don’t Understand

Women. I don’t get ‘em. My wife recently celebrated a birthday so some of her closest girlfriends took her out for some food, and then they all came back to our place to enjoy the rest of the evening together. She left the house around 7:45pm and they all returned to our place to hang out around 9:45pm. At breakfast the next morning I began the inquisition. Get this…they “talked” the whole time. No TV, interweb, flipping of the channels, movies…no technology of any kind. Just talking. Until about 2am. I’m an addition and subtraction kind of guy so let’s do the math:

4 women + food + beverage + the house to themselves + 6 hours = TALKING?

My maleness and me understand talking at a restaurant. I mean, the fellas and I find plenty to discuss. Fodder includes the multiple TV’s with various sports, that hilarious text or email, and the conversation really flies if the wings were fantastic. But at home? With no technology of any kind? The TV is off limits? No distractions or multi-tasking? Now you’re talking about the need for State Department Sub-Committees and a Navy SEAL Team on site cocked, locked, and ready to rock.

Maybe the ladies are on to something. (No. I will not surrender my “Man Card”.) I mean, what if all this conversation and sharing of life…connection…what if it’s really the way to go? Common statistics often point out that women live longer then men. Unscientific research indicates that women cultivate deeper, richer, longer lasting friendships. It’s a well known unsubstantiated fact that women are more squared away than men. I’m not saying they’re perfect. Everyone is human. That said, it isn’t women constantly making headlines for scandalous activities and the destruction of families and homes. (An uber-intelligent and stupendous woman pointed that out to me between commercials one time.)

Are you interested in digging a little bit deeper on this topic in a serious manner? Two places to start are the Kirtsy Book and a conversation about transparency. On the other hand, if you’re interested in this topic for the tongue-in-cheek mild amusement it is currently intended, please search your mental hard-drive and double click the folder marked Lists. Scroll down to the document called Stuff I Don’t Understand and make this entry:

How and why can women TALK for over 6 hours straight…and ENJOY it?

(Now where’d I leave that remote?)



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2 responses to “Stuff I Don’t Understand

  1. Jp

    Well said K

    I can relate to the wondering…

    • kristerdunn

      Wondering about the ability to talk like that or wondering about the exact location of your remote? 🙂

      Thanks for the interaction!

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