Play Ball!

Did you watch any of the NFL Play-Offs this past weekend? What would the games have looked like without any boundary lines? Paying attention to the multitude of thin lines out there and playing on the proper side of them is crucial to long-term, sustained…well…anything. You tell me. Branding? Growth? Sales volume? Yes. Yep. You got it.

If you aren’t sure what the thin lines in your industry are: find out. (Hint: Ask your customers. They may know even more than long time employees.)

Once you know what the lines are: decide if you are operating on the correct side.

Once you know that: do something. Do something great. Something fantastic. Something creative.

When the field of play is well-marked, the games can truly begin. With as bad as the economy has been, the field of play is well-marked.

Let the games begin!


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