A Mattress, A Belly Dancer, And Some Fire

I just saw a TV advertisement for a local mattress distributor. I’m still in shock so I’ll share my pain:

Picture a man in a bright red suit with a jet black, very bad wig. While he “sings” and gyrates a stern looking female slams away on a drum kit in the corner. Various mattresses are strewn about the set. As I feel my jaw land on the floor…enter the belly dancer twirling batons of fire.

It was like they channeled the really awful alternate universe version of the White Stripes, then added a belly dancer and some fire…just for good measure.  I’d rather sleep on the floor, thank you. Or go elsewhere.

As you do your thing today, whether professionally or personally, please keep in mind your presentation. Be yourself and push the envelope…I’m not encouraging mindless robots. I am encouraging you to let the White Stripes be the White Stripes. You be you. And for crying out loud, leave the fire twirling belly dancers out of it.


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