Double Shot: 40 Days Of Water & I Give A Shirt

These two organizations are making a difference. Blood:Water Mission is building wells in Africa to save lives. I Give A Shirt is selling shirts to provide clothing to homeless students in the Salem, Oregon area. I encourage you to check them out, spread the word, and engage as you feel inspired.

Blood:Water Mission’s latest fund-raising campaign is creative, interactive, and successful. Tying in with the observance of Lent the life changing organization encourages you to give up beverages other than water for 40 days and donate the money you would have spent to help them save lives in Africa. To participate, interact, or get more information visit:  40 Days Of Water

Interact via various social media sites, including these folks on Twitter: @40DaysOfWater or @bloodwater or @bwbaltimore

Want to be inspired? A high school is making an impact! The Statesman Journal, a local Oregon newspaper gives a fantastic description: “West Salem High School student Whitney Ferrin, 18, and the youth ministry at Salem Alliance Church recently launched a campaign to help homeless students in the Salem-Keizer School District. The group is selling T-shirts with the phrase “Give A Shirt,” with proceeds to be given to homeless students so they can go shopping for new clothes.” To engage, interact, and Give A Shirt please visit:  I GIVE A SHIRT

Interact via various social media sites including Twitter:  @igiveashirt


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