Love, Leadership, and a man named Hope.

I recently heard John Hope Bryant speak with a room full of leaders in the banking and financial services industry. I left that conversation with a new inspiration for connecting with people, enthusiasm for leadership, renewed focus on my ultimate level of responsibility, and a signed copy of his book “Love Leadership” (very cool!). Here are some things he said that have been sticking with me and providing much food for thought. Maybe they’ll strike a chord with you.

A saint is a sinner that got up.

Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

We’ve lost our story line.

You can’t fall from the floor.

You gotta show up.

We’ve been doing so much with so little for so long we can do almost anything with nothing.

Love is work.

You cannot have a rainbow without a storm first.

This is not a recession. It’s a reset.

Everything was an idea.

I encourage you to engage and connect more by clicking here:

John Hope Bryant |  Operation HOPE |  5MK

Via Twitter: @johnhopebryant or @OperationHOPE


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