What Else?

“What else?”

Earlier in my sales career I was introduced to this powerful little phrase. Since then it has become instrumental in many areas of my life. I have seen it triple the size of a sale by uncovering additional opportunities to serve clients; I have seen it save major clients from leaving by helping us get all the issues out on the table for conversation and resolution; I’ve seen it assist in healing and mending personal relationships by giving people the grace to keep talking through difficult issues.

I recently heard a senior level executive challenge his leaders to dig deep and do more. Not activity for the sake of activity, but rather to focus on our goals and do more to exceed them.

So the question remains: What else?

“You want fries with that?”

“You want a break inspection with that oil change?”

“Will you be ordering dessert this evening?”

Those are all ways to ask for more. Industry specific variations of “what else?”

Does this sound familiar at all? It should. Regardless of your industry or position, your title or pay grade, there is most likely some sort of experience you want your clients to have. There must be some sort of standard you use to ensure all our clients needs have been met.

We’re all here. The doors are open and business is being conducted. Someone is already serving your clients. Is it you, or did someone else find that something extra; that little, “what else?”

“The future depends on what we do in the present.” – Mahatma Gandhi


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