“May I take your order?”

Rumor has it I’ve occasionally served a few tables during the graveyard shift at a local diner. You know the kind: open 24/7, 365, lights are always on. Said diner happens to be within walking distance of some  college housing… and apparently a few bars. Just like the song said, the freaks DO come out at night. Sometimes in full force. And there really ARE people who wear their sunglasses at night.

Sometimes serving the public lends itself to some great interactions. Especially late at night. Just sayin’.

Here’s one of many short and sweet highlight reels. Have a great weekend and remember to tip your servers…

“What do I get if I order a waffle?”  I’d bring you a waffle.  “Oh. (VERY disappointed look.) I’ll take a cheeseburger.”

“I’ll take the Two Eggs Any Style. That’s it.”  How would you like your eggs?  “Any style.” You really don’t care how they cook your eggs?  “Oh, no. They need to be dippy. I only eat eggs that are dippy so I can put my toast in it.”

(Looking extremely confident and in charge while basically tossing the menu at me.) “Yeah, I’ll take the Chicken Pomeranian Deluxe.”


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