Charles Logan is the Devil.

My wife and I love us some 24. A few years ago a friend loaned us season one on DVD and the addiction was instantaneous, and severe. Normally I prefer to keep my entertainment, well, entertaining. Why over think it? Just have fun.  This season though, I have been fascinated by the interactions and relationship between former President Charles Logan and current President Allison Taylor.

In case you haven’t been watching, President Taylor is on the verge of signing an agreement that will bring peace to the Middle East. Insert a conspiracy, assassination, and a rising body count and you can see the mess developing. Just when it looks like the peace agreement will fall apart, President Logan is brought back in to salvage the deal.

Logan plays the perfect part of the deceiver whispering in the ear of President Taylor. He pressures, plays to her ego, guides her in his own direction, tells her the truth…sort of. His lies are the perfect mixture of fact and fiction sprinkled with the leverage of the lies previously told. The deceptions grow deeper and get much, much messier until tonight he drives the dagger home. Going in for the kill he reminds President Taylor that all along the way he has advised her; he counseled her; he made mere suggestions…she on the other hand…she made decisions. She made choices. She took the actions and ordered the inactions. This was all on her.

Within the past year I have been through some personal valleys. The deep, dark, I can’t get that low again and survive kind of valleys. I witnessed first hand the destruction that can be brought on by listening to the wrong voices. The pain that can be inflicted by believing the little lies whispered in your head and in your heart. The snow ball effect. The momentum generated by the spiraling of one deception after another; to those you care for the most,  to yourself, to God.

This season the Charles Logan and Allison Taylor interactions are fantastic illustrations full of great lessons. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to connect: faith, relationships, business, life in general…knowing what voices to listen to is a key to success. Another key is the realization that at the end of the day, Charles Logan is right: you made the decisions. You took the actions. You stood by and did not act. It’s like Tyler Durden once said, “Until you know that, you are useless.”

Charles Logan may be the devil. Who am I? Who am I listening to? Am I remembering, at every turn, that I am the only one truly responsible for the decisions that I make?



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2 responses to “Charles Logan is the Devil.

  1. I Googled “charles logan is the devil” and your post popped up. You are so right. And that’s what makes this such good writing and a great story — it taps into primal realities.

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