When Branding Goes Bad

Create a brand. Develop a slogan. Never forget that customers are people. Some of them are hilarious.

Not long after college I was in the business of renting cars. The company slogan at the time was, “The company that picks you up.” I arrived back in the branch in time to witness a clients reaction to the cost of his rental. Multiple conversations, phone calls during his extended rental, and the clear fees on his invoice made no difference – he was not pleased. In the vein of good customer service he and the manager reached some sort of agreement and the upset customer was now waiting for a ride in a packed lobby.

One of my coworkers offered to pick up a client during a phone call. That did it. In a clear, loud voice the frustrated customer blurted out: “Yeah, we’ll pick you up. The company that grabs you by your ankles, picks you up, hangs you upside down and shakes you ’til all the money falls out of your pockets!”

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