Bring the funk…

“This car smells funny.”

When I was in the automotive industry it was about this time every year that the calls and emails from our sales lots would start. The trace amounts of moisture left after the interior detail was creating an odor when the first couple really hot days would hit. The odor was compounded if the lot staff had forgotten to crack with windows and air out the vehicles.

Did a lovely little spring shower catch you with your windows left open or your sunroof tilted? Did the kids spill something and you scrubbed it silly but now there’s an odd funkiness of the unwelcome variety? Maybe the car just lost that fresh scent. Whatever the reason, here’s a trick of the trade:

dryer sheets

Plain, ordinary, everyday dryer sheets. Toss them under the seats. Slide them under the floor mats. Change them out every couple days if the scent is more stubborn. Eventually the sheets will absorb the funk and you’ll be good to go.

Did you leave the sunroof wide open all night during a monsoon? You may need the super-sized crack-head deodorizer remix:

Shop-vac as much moisture out as you can. Put several sheets on the floor, under seats, etc. Park the car in the full sun with the sun roof tilted and the windows cracked about an inch. Change out the dryer sheets at lunch time. A little bit before you drive home, change out the sheets again and open all the windows and roof wide to fully air out the car and cool it down. The idea is that you almost bake the moisture out then cool it down before your ride home. Keeping the dryer sheets fresh helps maximize odor and excess moisture absorption.

Thank you. Drive through.

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