13 Years

13 years ago I did something.
The smartest thing I have ever done.
If I did not do this, I would have missed out on so much life.
Joy would have passed me by.
Strength would have eluded me.
Grace would be a stranger to me.
Beauty would be ugly.
Make jokes if you want. I know it sounds cliche.
I can't help it. That's just how it is.
It's all true.
13 years ago today I married my wife, Michelle.
My life has been forever impacted by her and all her incredibleness.
(Yes. That's a word.)
Happy Anniversary, Michelle!
I love you!



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4 responses to “13 Years

  1. Krister – I know the feeling my friend. Elise and I were married 19 years ago this December. Can’t imagine a better human decision I could have made.

    The time flies. Appreciate every moment. congrats on a milestone worth celebrating!


  2. JP

    I know this is a little late (I have not been to the site in a while), Happy Belated Anniverary! Cheryl and I have 14 coming in a couple of months! I hope all is well with you!

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