Living Life In The Zone | The BOOKsneeze Review

It is very clear that this 40 day reader was specifically designed for men, by men. That’s not to say that women shouldn’t read it; just realize it may not connect with you as well as it will with a man in your life.

Each daily reading is approximately 5 pages in length and broken into about 7 sections. The sections are concise and to the point, yet challenging and thought provoking. The brief back stories of various sports figures simply up the interest level. Did you know Orel Hershiser once sang a hymn to Johnny Carson?

This reader covers everything that is on the mind of the average man: God, self, wife, kids, friends, work, and the future. If you’re a man and one of those categories doesn’t specifically apply to you directly at this time, it’s still worth your attention. The brief questions will give you a chance to think through things regardless of your current situation. Not sure if you believe me?

“Which friend of yours is the best role model for your children? Why?”

“If you were a pro athlete, what one lifestyle temptation would be most difficult for you?”

“Describe a time in your life when your relationship with God has been more about Him pursuing you than you pursuing Him.”

In all fairness I do need to point out the one thing that made me reading this a little slow…the length of the reading for each day. This is purely a personal preference thing: I prefer my daily readers to be 1 to 3 pages tops. That gives me the chance to read things from more than one source. I don’t see any way that this fantastic content could have been condensed. I just had to choose to read only this on those days.

All in all, this is a well done and truly challenging instrument for growth if you choose to use it as such. As the book points out, “…although Eve took the first bite out of the apple, it was Adam who God came looking for.” In light of that, I hope we are all accept the challenge to grow…

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