The Kindness of “No”

The client is not always right.
Neither are you.
Or me.

Sometimes the best customer service, truly, is to say "no." I don't like to hear it any more than you do, but there are even times that you and I need to be told "no." More importantly, there are times I need to tell myself, "no."

There are times I think things would be a lot healthier if we all used "no"…and accepted "no"…in healthy, correct, and kind ways.

Just something to think about…


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One response to “The Kindness of “No”

  1. So true. We have become accustomed as a society to having it our way, but (and especially in my line) the customer is NOT always right, and sometimes, business -or individuals- need to take the stand and not cave into the have it your way pressure.

    For everyone’s good.

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