Part of providing great customer service is making sure you are easily understood by your clients.

Internal lingo, industry buzz words, the nuts and bolts of how all the gears grind deep within the bowels of your organization… clients don't care about these. At all. Especially if they are calling an 800 number listed as the "Customer Service" number for your organization. It's been my experience that people call that number when they want, um, service.

Me: "My water cooler is leaking. It was just installed last week. When can you send someone out to fix it?"

Customer Service: "Blah, blah, big words, was a thingamajiggy filed, words, words, boring, yawn, blah, they aren't installers sir they are technical assistants or techs as we call them, blah, blah, was the appropriate form filled out, blah, where is the paperwork you signed when it was installed, yackkity, blah, blah, until we answer those questions I don't know what I can do."

Me: "I only have one question and you're the only one who can answer it: When is someone coming to fix this leak? I didn't have a leak from the area where the water cooler was installed. Now I do. The floor used to be dry. Your company installed the water cooler. Now the floor is wet.When is someone coming to fix it?"

Obviously there may be some gray areas based on your industry. However, making sure you are understood is a key to success regardless of venue, venture, or industry. Blah, blah, yackkity, yadda-yadda, words, yawn, how can you provide great service if your client has no idea what you just said? blah, blah, yackkity, blah.


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