hang on

At the grocery store there was a man who could not see. The store manager was assisting him with some shopping and conversation while the man’s guide dog helped him physically navigate the store.

As we left the parking lot the team, man and dog, crossed the street in front of us.  I watched the dog see our car approach the intersection, then turn and use his head and shoulder to bump the man’s leg, letting him know he needed to stop. Once our car came to a full stop, the dog moved his shoulder and stepped out, letting the man know it was safe to cross. This whole experience got me thinking.

Who or what we trust is important. When and how much we trust are details that matter.

Ultimately, who or what we hang on to for guidance and how we respond to them will make the difference on whether or not we make it home.

Who are you (and I)  hanging on to for guidance today?


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