a fly, an apple, and a colonel

“It’s no secret that a liar won’t believe anyone else.”

That lyric hits it on the head, doesn’t it? There’s a special kind of paranoia that comes hand in hand with lies. I mean most people don’t think of themselves as liars. Especially a liar. We’re – I mean they are good at…um…lying. Isn’t everyone? If I do it all the time I’m sure everyone else does. In fact, when that one little slip of the truth (or not) has grown up it becomes necessary to keep lying or the whole house of cards comes crashing down. The mask could get ripped off, thrown to the ground, and a beat down scene could ensue. (Think the fax machine scene in Office Space.) And so liars…lie. Even when they don’t have to because in reality…they have to.  (For a fantastic description of this from the journey of another check out this article: Lying When The Truth Would Do Our stories are very different, but his explanation as it relates to lies is powerful.)

But wait. It gets worse. You see, the paranoia is a natural consequence. Reap what you sow kind of stuff. If you grab the serpent from the tree and chop off its head, the paranoia will eventually fade away.

But what about that Tree? Once you lie to someone you love, even once, you have just tasted the forbidden fruit. You just took a big bite out of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, my friend. And it’s nobody’s fault but mine. I mean yours. (You get the idea.) This cannot be blamed on Eve. Adam isn’t accountable for this one. Trust me, I did the leg work on shifting responsibility, pointing fingers, throwing out accusations, and being the biggest possible jerk in every way. There. I saved you the time. It can’t be done. You did it. I did it.

Up until that moment you knew the good life. You were trusted. But when you take that bite, when you slide out a lie and you see it believed, you learn what that looks like. We were not meant to possess that knowledge. Being trusted is good. Being trusted on the basis of a lie is evil. (That’s the Knowledge of Good and Evil connection right there.) When your sins find you out, and they will, that knowledge will be just one of many things that will make you that fax machine in Office Space. It will drag you into a field, throw you down, and stomp you to your destruction in slow motion while some vintage rap drowns out the sound of you breaking all over the place.

And so here we are again: “It’s no secret that a liar won’t believe anyone else.” That song ends by saying: “There’s a lot of things if I could I’d rearrange.” The truth can be messy. It can be unpopular in certain circles at certain times. The truth can be difficult to process. But it’s the truth. It’s real. If you want fake it’s only a click away. But the people who matter to you. I bet they want reality. I know mine did. And do. They want the truth. And with all due respect, screw you Colonel Jessep, they CAN handle the truth.

Like I said, this could get messy. And so I find myself asking:

Are you being honest with God? He already knows.

Are you being honest with yourself? You do too. Admit it.

Who else do you need to be honest with? They CAN handle it.


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