i didn’t know i couldn’t do it

Our kids have been learning to swim this summer. After writing about the experience the phrase has stayed stuck in my mind.

What if we all lived like that? All the time. Every day. In every situation. How many times do we stop short in business, in a relationship, in the pursuit of an idea or aspiration because we know we can’t do it? We know it’s not possible. It’ll never work.

There is obvious value in planning, strategy, and thinking ahead. There are certainly times to proceed with caution. I’m not devaluing those tools. This is more about our mindset.

Two little boys enter a pool. At the ages of 3 and 5 they know they want to swim. We helped them with basics. They took a few lessons. They know they want to swim. So they try. And try. And try.

And try.



They don’t know what they can’t do. They know they can put their whole head under water. They know they can kick like they are supposed to. They know they can jump in on this side of the rope and stay under water while they swim to the other side of the rope. They know what they can do.

I think there’s a big lesson in that for me. At home. At work. In my faith. In relationships of all kinds.

What can you do?


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