the legend of slowfoot

The first time I saw him I was in awe. He was running, but not. But he was. I don’t know. He was sweating like he was running and his posture was that of a runner pushing forward; slightly bent forward, head tipped forward, occasionally looking up long enough to focus on a point in the distance he seemed determined to reach. The speed was the most shocking part. I really didn’t think anyone could run that slow. I’m slow. But this. Is something wrong? Injury? What’s going on? I mean, small children walking reluctantly home from the pool are passing him like he’s laying down asleep.

I kept seeing him. I named him, in my head, Slowfoot. The more often I saw him the more admiration built. Initially my inspiration was born more from an odd arrogance: If Slowfoot keeps right on plugging I can certainly motivate myself to get out there. Like I was somehow different. Thankfully I saw my stupidity and my admiration has grown to be a genuine, deep and humbling inspiration. Regardless of why he runs at that pace, he runs. He has to know people watch him. He’s caught me. He remains consistent and focused and just.keeps.going.

I’ve started to run again myself. The first time I really went out I couldn’t stop thinking about him. (Just.Keep.Going.) I ran further than I intended, including up a hill on the last section – a hill I refer to as Big Ugly. Because it is. Big. And ugly. (Just.Keep.Going.)

I’ve been thinking about other Slowfoots in my life. People that are examples, inspirations, and leaders. They move in all areas and circles of life: family, friends, work environments, church… There are a lot of Slowfoots out there. Slowfoot gave me the confidence to start running again. His example helped me have a successful experience for that first time back out there. He reminded me of all the other people who have left fingerprints; all the other people who are examples to me. He also reminded me of a very important thing in life:

No matter how slow, just . keep . going .

Who is a Slowfoot in your life?


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