365 days

A lot can happen in a year.

I noticed recently that one year ago my time at Staples came to a close. If you weren’t following along then, here’s how it looked: Are You Ready? What I didn’t go in to at the time was that this change all happened in the middle of a very severe personal crisis. Remember when Grandma used to tell you things like, “your sins will find you out” and “the truth will set you free”? She was right.

This has not been an easy year by any stretch. Professionally, personally, spiritually, relationally…if you can end it in -ally it hasn’t been easy at all. This reminds me of a story. Lots of things do…

When I was in college at Nyack College there was a singing group that would often lead chapel services. This one guy would walk on stage and say, “God is good.” The group would echo, “All the time.” Then it was his turn to flip it around, “All the time!” The group would then return the, “God is good!” This exchange would get louder and more intense until the whole building shook. Then they’d sing. That’s what gospel choirs do. I know that truth in a much deeper way now. (The “God is good. All the time.” part…not the singing part. Trust and believe.)

I’ve been reading Plan B, by Pete Wilson. Fantastic book. I’ll write about it once I’m finished with it, but the thought for now is that even when everything goes out the window…even if it’s messed up because it’s your fault…God is still, well, He’s God.

If I was asked to describe my journey in the last 365 days a flurry of words explode in my head. (Good thing it’s hollow. And thick.)

healing, redemption, repentance, a little help from my friends, forgiveness, learning, growth, change, difficult…

That’s a start. I could take this to deep and long-winded depths right about now, but I don’t want to. I want to ask a question:

How would you start to describe your journey in the last 365 days?


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