BOOKsneeze Review: The Jesus You Can’t Ignore

I participate in the BOOKsneeze program through Thomas Nelson Publishers. It’s a fantastic way to get some really great books…for free. There is a link to the right of this page.

Here’s my review for:

The Jesus You Can’t Ignore, by John MacArthur

Friends and I joke about the way Jesus is portrayed. Decorative photos, various “art” that can be found in book stores and hanging on walls, and even the actors selected to play Jesus in various films all show Jesus in a variety of forms. Maybe it’s the Hippie Jesus, Shiny Happy Jesus, I’m a Doormat Jesus, or even the blonde haired and blue-eyed Surfer Jesus… but who was Jesus? Really?

MacArthur writes with enough academia to be completely credible while still keeping the book in a format that is completely understandable and approachable. He challenges thoughts, concepts, and beliefs while at the same time providing a framework for you to work through your thoughts while staying rooted in the scriptures. His explanations of the culture provide incredible insights into what was really going on in the gospel accounts.

I found this book heavy, but in a fantastic way. I’m still thinking through and rereading portions of it. At the end of the day though, I have to give a nod to MacArthur: He said he would demonstrate a Jesus I had ignored…and he did. I see Jesus the man as more bold, courageous, focused, and strong…and unapologetic then I ever have.


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