so what do we do now?

At home with my kids one weekend I selected a song on the iPod and hit play. As they danced and jumped around with the energy of 4 year old and 6 year old little boys…because that’s what they are…I remembered that I had a concert video of the same song being performed.

"Hey guys! I have a dvd that shows the band playing this song in a big stadium and guess what?"

"WHAT?!?! Tell us, DAD!!"

"Right…here…in the video, the guitar player whips the guitar around, slings it onto the stage, and then kicks it! It looks really cool and it sounds even cooler!"

"OK! Let’s watch it!"

A couple weeks later as we drove to church they both asked to come to "the grown ups class". They’ve come in before at certain holidays, but generally they go to their programs and we go to ours, so the request was curious.

"Why do you want to come to our class?"

"Because we want to see them throw and kick the guitars."

Then the thought hit me: the next generation wants to see guitars get thrown around. They want to hear the sounds of an electric guitar being dropped onto the stage and then kicked. They want church to be exciting. They want a celebration. I want church to be exciting. I want it for them too. I love our church, so this isn’t a commentary on the church we attend. And I’m definitely not pushing for theatrics over authenticity. I am saying that if our stories of transformation and life change are true, I have a feeling that the next generation wants to see…hear…feel that difference and change.

So what do we do now?



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2 responses to “so what do we do now?

  1. Greg Rittler

    I wrestle with this all the time. What’s interesting to me is that all of our standards for nearly everything have gone up dramatically because of technology. Because we are surrounded by well produces, designed, compelling messages all the time we expect that in every arena.

    I think as a church we need to step it up quite a bit. Effective cultural and spiritual leaders are utilizing technology and production excellence to push their messages to more people in highly infectious ways. We are lagging behind

    The irony at this point is that these tools are cheaper than ever before.

    Keep moving forward.


    • KristerDunn

      Thanks for your thoughts, Greg! I totally agree.

      I think we are past the time in history when you could say to a child, “this is interesting and fun and cool” and they’ll at least play along for a time. They can find all that and more at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger (literally). If it takes sweat flying across a stage or the metallic crunches of a guitar being kicked, or a well done video clip, etc to get my kids attention on a relationship with Christ I hope that we as a community – the church at large – are able to give that to them.

      And the point that it can be done so inexpensively – free if necessary – is so huge! We should be innovating. Creating. Raising the bar, not trying to use societies bar and set up a limbo contest to see how close we can get.

      I’m rambling. Thanks again for your thoughts. I guess I should be asking, “what do I do now?”


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