#SexyBack11 Challenge

A couple weeks ago I was floating through the internet and found The #SexyBack11 Challenge by Grant Jenkins. I’ve been carrying around this floating sense that I needed to do more to keep myself healthy and in better shape (other than growing round) and this seemed like the perfect thing to jump on.

While I’ve been lax in posting anything about it so far, here are the goals I’ve set for myself:

1) Establish and maintain healthy eating habits. Correctly sized portions and cutting out excessive snacks are the main points of focus. I’m pretty much a big fan of the evening snack which turns into a buffet of delectable junk food munching. That’s pretty much got to get under control.

2) Lose 5 pounds. I’ve been hovering at the same number for a few years regardless of what I’ve done so this may seem like a small number, but it’s where I’m starting. If I achieve this goal quickly I’ll increase the number.

3) Reactivate. I used to run. A lot. I loved it. I will work back up to running 3 miles at least twice a week.

4) Reactivate, part 2. I will do push-ups every day with the goal of working up to 100 per day.

Well, there we have it. It’s been about two weeks and the bottom line is: consistency. I need to be consistent. Seem like the only thing that I find to be constant is a need for consistency. Can I get an “Amen!”?? I’ve done well with # 1 but # 2, 3, and 4…not so much. We’re going on vacation soon and I’ve already got my father-in-law prepped to bring his running gear. He’s going to whoop me back into running shape.

Stay tuned…



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5 responses to “#SexyBack11 Challenge

  1. Great update, dude! Don’t worry, the more you focus on #1, the more #2 will happen on its own. And the more that happens, the more motivated you will be for #s 3 and 4. That’s how it’s going with me. Keep it up!

  2. Lisa E

    love this krister. i’m totally with you & i love the goals being set at an actual attainable place….not something like “lose 20 lbs in 1 week”…

    you can do it. consistency is what i’m aiming for as well….you can do it!!

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