BOOKsneeze Review: The Beginning Reader’s Bible


I participate in the BOOKsneeze program through Thomas Nelson Publishers. It’s a fantastic way to get some really great books…for free. There is a link to the right of this page.

Here’s my review for: The Beginning Reader’s Bible

This is a fantastic children’s Bible! Our boys are 4 and 6 and they both enjoy it. In my opinion it is hard to find a Bible for kids that is accurate and yet is age appropriate. I found this to be both.

Let’s face it, there are valuable lessons in some of the intense accounts in scripture and yet discussing the violence of wars or some of the extreme consequences of disobedience with a little kid can be a little hairy at times. The illustrations by Marijke ten Cate are graphic enough to convey the feelings involved and the situation being described, and yet it doesn’t get to the point of scaring the younger ones.

The translation is very accurate which helps facilitate some great conversation with the older ones when big subjects are involved. Each selection of scripture also includes one or all of these additional options:

  1. Remember God’s Word: This is simply a verse from the passage that is highlighted as an opportunity for memorization.
  2. Pray God’s Word: This is a passage from somewhere else in the Bible that is selected to be read as a prayer and/or committed to memory.
  3. Do God’s Word: This is  a paragraph suggesting an action or activity that can help put skin on the lesson and/or provide a service opportunity – a way to live the lesson.
Each of these small sections can be used or ignored based on the age and development or spiritual maturity and interest of the child.
Artwork. Accuracy. The ability to grow and develop spiritual lessons for your child as he or she grows and develops. In short: FANTASTIC!
Have you read any good books lately?

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