“got the batteries…in the handycam”


If you went to the U2 show in Baltimore on June 22 have you found yourself on the U2360 FANCAM?

Click this link: U2360BAL FANCAM

There’s instruction when you get to the page, but the general idea is: close the pop up screen in the middle and the one in the bottom left. Then you can either use the control panel at the bottom or just click and drag until you find you section and zoom right on in!

When Michelle and I did it we saw everyone that sat around us – the sisters behind us that were at their first show, the completely innebriated baffoon that got booted (finally) toward the last third of the show, and the dude who wouldn’t stop taking pictures of himself with the stage in the background. Yep, the whole crew was there. Except us. Well, we’re there, but “hey let me stand up and stretch for no flippin’ reason guy”, yeah, he’s blocking us. We get a corner of Michelle’s head and a tiny glimpse of my shoulder. But hey, it’s still pretty cool to be able to check it out. And since basically everyone in Baltimore was there you might even spot a friend!


Have you been to a U2 show this tour? Have you found yourself on the FANCAM?







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