#SexyBack11 Tip/Idea

So we’re on vacation and, to be blunt, progress has been slower than hoped. I’ve generally done well with correct portions and I’ve been trying to hit the fresh fruits and veggies the hardest, but there is still and evening snack present. The increased activity during the day is probably offsetting that some. We haven’t run yet. That sand is a dirty villain and chafing is its sergeant at arms. That’s all I have to say about that.

I did stumble on one idea/trick I’ve been using. When I choose soda, which I strive to make less and less, I try to split it with my wife. This take my calories from 140 (regular can or Coca-Cola) down to 70. I dunno. Just a little trick I do. Thought I’d share.

What’s working for you?


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