#SexyBack11 – The Run. A quick update…

Well, we did it. Ran.

The plan was to run 15 minutes down the beach, turn and run back. My father-in-law routinely runs 10 to 13 miles, so him sticking with me was strictly a gift of charity.

I ran almost all of the 15 minutes out. Coming back, however, not so much.

The bad news: that was A LOT harder than I anticipated. Apparently when you don’t run AT ALL for like two years…well, it ain’t like riding a bike.

The good news: I looked like a tool, huffing and puffing several states away from home. And it was on a beach full of strangers in the evening. Location counts for something.

Now if I can do this again within the next two days I may be able to build myself a routine of some kind.

How are you progressing with the SexyBack11 Challange?

No idea what I’m talking about? Search the hashtag #SexyBack11 on Twitter or follow @SexyBack_11 and peep the bio. Good luck!


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