Cool and Caffeinated

Some people call themselves a “coffee lover.” Others claim association to coffee via their favorite store or type of coffee drink. Me? I have what is commonly referred to as a “problem”.

I’ve got iced coffee recipes involving special beans and cheesecloth, I’ve measured, timed, soaked…blah, blah, yadda-yadda-yadda. Lately I’ve gone hardcore. Here’s the latest recipe that’s been keeping me caffeinated – hot, humid day and just as muggy night:

1) Brew a pot.
2) Sturdy plastic cup filled over the top with ice cubes.
3) Fill with coffee.

Make sure the cup/glass/whatever you use is the type of material that won’t crack when hot coffee poured over ice. That’s what we call a buzz kill. And a mess.

What’s keeping you cool and caffeinated this summer?


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