How do I get there?
What will it feel like?
I loved it the last time.
And the time before that.
Will it be that much fun this time?
What if it’s more fun?
Will there be a taste?
Will it smell the same as it does here?
Who will be there with me?
In it. With me.
Or will I be alone?
Maybe I want to be alone.
Do I? Should I? Could I?
How will it be different?
How will it be the same?
Who knows?
What’s it like at the top?
How does it look?
What about the bottom?
How does it feel?
And the middle? That pesky middle.
What does that feel like?

The car is in the station. We’re in the front. WE’RE IN THE FRONT! Hands up! Hands up! I can’t wait! I CAN’T WAIT!




Filed under 2011

2 responses to “anticipation

  1. Michelle Dunn

    Love this!

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