Trying To Throw My Arms Around…20 Years?!

When I read this tweet I kinda freaked out a little bit:

” @u2com: Achtung Baby turns 20 in November. Anniversary edition inclds prev unreleased songs & new documentary.

First I geeked out because the phrase “previously unreleased” makes me giddy. I’m a sucker for that stuff, especially from U2.

Then I kinda freaked out a little bit. I may have puked in my mouth. Details are fuzzy. I definitely got more light headed then usual and there was the spinning of the room thing going on. 20 YEARS?!

This album came out right about the time I was going in to my senior year of high school. At the time I loved it for the music. Over time, apparently the last 20 years, the album that Bono has described as “the sound of four men chopping down the Joshua Tree” has become a personal favorite. The band was in turmoil; personally and collectively. They were coming off incredibly successful tours and albums. This was their time to “go off and dream it all up again.” At least that’s what they said on the last show of the tour before retiring to Germany to record “Achtung Baby”.

Apparently there were nightmares involved. As I’ve grown the creative, spiritual, social, and relational tension of the album has been meaningful to me. I think in some ways the album has helped me navigate and figure out some things as I grew from then…to now.

But enough with the blah-blah-yadda, yadda, yadda…

Regardless of the artist, what’s one of your favorite albums and why do you like it so much?



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2 responses to “Trying To Throw My Arms Around…20 Years?!

  1. How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb – lyrically and culturally brilliant.

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